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Card Games

Play Klondike or Draw-3 solitaire on the web!

Video Poker
A virtual video poker machine.


Bee's Nest
Try to rearrange the bees to fill the hive with honey!

A picture's been broken into sixteen pieces. Can you fix it?

The deceivingly simple "Towers of Hanoi" puzzle.

Erase matching pieces in this colorful puzzle.

Best USA Casino Sites
Reviews and ratings of top US online casinos for blackjack & table games.

US Casinos Online
With Casino US, you get to read about the latest promotions and bonuses from the top rated online casinos in America. Their reviews and ratings are also unbiased.

Online Casino UK
Choiceonlinecasino is best known for giving unbiased and well-research online casino reviews in the UK.

Aussie Online Casino
Check out the latest best top-rated casinos in Australia at bestaucasinosites.com

British gamblers can find the top online casinos in the UK at this one stop shop.

Word Games

6000 words, 3 difficulty levels, and different graphics.

Plaid Libs
Create your own hilarious ad-lib stories.

Brain Teasers
Nearly 300 mind-boggling brain teaser puzzles.

Word Scram
A fast-action multi-player word puzzle. What words can you come up with?

Word P.I.
An impossible word-guessing game against the computer.

Board Games

Ship 'n Crew
A simple dice game of luck. Try to get a ship, then a captain, then a crew, then collect cargo.

A tic-tac-toe game versus a friend or the computer.

Connect four in a row to beat your friend or the computer.

Search for dangerous mines floating around the web!

Use your memory to remember where the cards are. It takes concentration!


Maze Generator
Print thousands of different mazes!

Invisible Maze
Get lost in a maze right over the web.


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