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Before using WebFX (or any other service or software) to alter a copyrighted image, please realize that you must first get permission from the copyright holder. This usually just means contacting the webmaster of the site where the file is stored and requesting permission. Your mileage may vary.

Artists make a living from their work, and typically pay for bandwidth used by their website. Downloading, altering, and especially reusing a copyrighted work is against the law.

To Help Copyright Holders...

We have set up WebFX to report its usage to the sites that people access files from. If you're an artist and are interested in keeping track of how people use WebFX to access your site, or if you wish to keep people from using WebFX to access your site altogether, visit the Blocking WebFX page.

If you're interested in blocking access from other means... Read about:

  • .htaccess
    Your ISP or webserver documentation will have details.

  • robots.txt
    Help keep your site and its images from getting spidered by search engines.

Also have a look at:

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